Our  patented technology (over 30 patents granted worldwide) PiezoMagnetic RAM (PMRAM), is a versatile 2-terminal technology platform offering many advantages compared to current state-of-the-art. Our technology allows us to decrease the energy consumption per bit by a factor of at least 25000 compared to Flash and allows for operation at high temperatures (over 125C). Our first product will be 2D low capacity PMRAM embedded memory to replace eFLASH and SRAM in applications for the automotive, IOT and computer industries. Future updates of the PMRAM will see the memory capacity increase, with a vision to target other market sectors, such as dedicated GPU, CPU, computer and mobile device memory.

Our USP include:

  • - Low Power writing/reading
  • - Fast read/write speeds < 10ns
  • - Increased endurance up to 10^15 read/write cycles
  • - Non-volatile – data retained when device switched off
  • - High Storage Density – scalable down to 25nm and 3D Capable
  • - High Temperature stability – suitable for industrial and automotive high temperature applications
  • -Embeddable- CMOS process compatible