Dr. Bin Zou – Chief Executive Officer CEO

PhD in physical electronics( Southbank University London) and materials, specializing in piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials. He has over ten years of experience in multilayer thin film deposition, thin film structure analysis, nanotechnology, lithography techniques, material characterisation, nano-scale device design, device fabrication and electrical and magnetic measurements. Bin is the leading force behind the company's commercial exploitation effort and funding. 

Dr. Andrei Mihai – Chief Technology Officer CTO

PhD in Materials Physics (Universite Grenoble Alpes), specialising in magnetic materials and nanostructures. He has over ten years of experience in developing magnetic nano-devices for spintronics, including working in Domain Wall Spintronics and MRAM. Andrei has undertaken
several Postdoctoral Fellowship roles at several high research impact European institutions including Imperial College London, University of Leeds, and Johannes Gutenberg University – Mainz. Andrei is leading the R&D efforts both in the UK side and on the China side.

Dr. Jan Zemen – Chief Scientific Officer CSO

MSc in Theoretical Solid State Physics and PhD in Materials Science. He has over ten years of experience in modelling spintronic devices and materials for applications in information storage including dilute magnetic semiconductors (PhD), magnetic tunnel junctions and magnetic nanowires (EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Nottingham), and metallic antiperovskites (Imperial College London). Jan, is currently an Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Prague, and is currently leading the company's extremely innovative simulations team in the UK.

Dr. Evgeniy Donchev – Chief Operations Officer COO

MEng in Aerospace Materials and PhD in nanotechnology and thin-films from Imperial College London. He has five years of experience with physical vapour deposition processes, lithographic techniques, etching and characterisation on the nanoscale. During his university education, his interest in helping with the management of the institutions biggest asset class, namely the students, has seen him become involved in leading the student voice as the Materials Department representative. Evgeniy' is leading the company's operations and finance team and has a keen eye on future business development too.